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SCR888 Official Download In Android/IOS

To all SCR888 fans, we have good news for you!!! Forget the hassles visiting a local casino or play SCR888 on your laptop. There is a better choice for you now. For some people who choose to play slot games in online casino, you will be able to do it on your iPhone! Earn money was never beer easier.

To download SCR888 Android/IOS cell phone, just follow the simple steps below:

For Android, you just turn on the link download and REGISTER an account with us.

Step 1: open SAFARI app from iPhone

step 2: Select IOS version

step 3: pop-up screen will appear. Select the install

step 4: after installing, the application SCR888 will appear on the screen.

step 5: click on the applications SCR888, another pop up screen will appear. It would apply for approval to use your Iphone app. Select Cancel.

step 6: to use this SCR888 application, we need to change the settings. Open an application environment on the Iphone.

step 7: select the Chief step

8: click on device management.

step 9: you will see ‘ All continents Trading Sdn Bhd ‘. Select it

step 10: click on trust “All Continental Trading Sdn Bhd ‘.

step 11: another pop up screen will appear. Select The ‘ Trust ‘.

Congratulations! You have successfully download IOS version SCR888 into your iPhone. Let’s try and win at the year 2017. good luck!!

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